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Eastra Health is the world’s first female-focused biotech company dedicated to developing psychedelic-derived medicines specifically for women.

We address women’s under-addressed health challenges – from premenstrual syndrome to menopause – through an innovative approach to drug discovery and a deep & holistic understanding of women’s health, biology, and needs.

3 Pillars of Eastra Health

Patient-Centric Approach

We believe in engaging with the patient at all steps of drug development, to ensure that the patient experience with the licensed medicine is positive and convenient.

Science & Research

Our science team, technology platform, and partner network are second to none. We do the in depth research developing data-rich patents & defensible IP.

Psychedelic-Derived Medicines

Psychedelics are the next generation tools in women’s healthcare. Our aim is to dramatically improve symptom management over the existing standard of care.

Why Eastra Health?

Women have been left behind by modern healthcare and for many conditions, there are inadequate medical solutions. We believe psychedelic-derived medicines can change this.

Developing a Female-Focused Healthcare Platform

Eastra Health is a healthcare platform, with psychedelics at the center, addressing a multitude of health challenges women face throughout a lifespan. We view a woman’s journey through life holistically, from the start of menarche, through the end of reproductive cycle and beyond.

Our vision is to create a effective psychedelic medicines while growing a global community of women embracing:

  • The development of safe and effective psychedelic-derived medicines
  • Holistic healing by employing a variety of tools, tips and strategies alongside the medicine
  • Self-care which begins with self but also through the mutual support found within supportive community
  • The use of digital technology as a means to bio-hack your way to better health and wellness
  • Personal agency and empowerment

Through this approach we are revolutionizing women’s healthcare through science, innovation, community + psychedelics. One step at a time – join us on our journey. #Building-A-Movement