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Our Mission

Through psychedelic-derived biotech, creativity, and care, we empower women to find their balance in mental wellbeing, physical health, and love of life.

Jeremy Weate

Jeremy Weate

Chief Executive Officer

Hello, I’m Jeremy. Working to scale psychedelic medicines to ensure they are accessible to as many people who need them is my calling. I’ve spent the past twenty years leading teams in often complex and politically sensitive contexts around the world advising governments in the mining sector. For the past ten years, I’ve also been seriously interested in psychedelic drug development as a key aspect of revolutionizing mainstream psychiatry. This led me to become CEO of a Vancouver-based ibogaine start-up in 2020.

I’m a big believer in flow states. Outside of work, I fall into flow riding my motorbike in the Peak District or playing fetch with my two dogs. Read more about me here.

Pamela Hadfield

Pamela Hadfield

Chief Marketing Officer

Hi, I’m Pamela, and I’m passionate about psychedelics-as-medicine; IMO, they’re the biggest healthcare disruptor of our generation. As Co-Founder of HelloMD, a cannabis Telehealth & educational platform, I’ve seen how complementary medicine can transform lives, including my own. My deep experience within the medical cannabis industry eventually led me to psychedelics, which I believe have the potential to empower women with better healthcare solutions, increase our overall sense of wellbeing, and better connect us to ourselves and others.

Passions and hobbies: Mom to 3 fierce teenage girls, recently hiked the 211 mile John Muir Trail, love my yoga and downward dog, traveling to new places, and occasionally you’ll find me sneaking off to go kite/snowboarding.

Mitchell Osak

Mitchell Osak

Chief Corporate Strategy Officer

Hi, I’m Mitchell and I’ve been working in the cannabis and psychedelics space since 2015. It’s been a labor of love helping organizations realize their true potential, and positively impacting the lives of shareholders, customers, employees, and communities. Through this time, I’ve enjoyed being a frequent media commentator and speaker in these swift and growing industries. I’m married to a well-known Canadian OBGYN, so I’ve been around the women’s health conversation for years, and the Eastra Team mission deeply resonates with me.

When I’m not working you’ll find me hanging out with my dog, reading about history, talking about Vermeer paintings (and art), and planning my next trip – to the Amalfi coast.

Dr. Emeline Maillet

Dr. Emeline Maillet

Chief Science Officer

Hello, I’m Emeline and when I first learned of Eastra Health, the raison d’etre (mission and purpose), made sense to me. In my opinion, women’s health, diseases, and conditions have been underrepresented as a thematic for basic sciences and through pharmaceutical development. In my work, I enjoy working and embracing poly-pharmacological and poly-systems principles to address multi-modal diseases. In addition, my background working with atypical drugs, and on illnesses such as substance-related disorders, addiction, pain, and other psychiatric conditions has equipped me with principles, approaches, and drug development angles that I believe are well adapted to certain female-specific conditions.

Allison Feduccia, phd

Allison Feduccia, phd

Scientific Advisor

Hi, I’m Allison, a neuropharmacologist with a deep interest in understanding how psychedelics shift our conscious experiences and enable the healing of body, mind, and spirit. I am the Co-Founder of Psychedelic.Support, a platform for education and connection to health providers, and Project New Day, a 501(c)3 nonprofit for addiction recovery. In these roles, I help facilitate the spreading of evidence-based knowledge and strategies for individuals to maximize the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics through safe and responsible practices. Prior to this, I worked on studies researching MDMA and treatments for mental health conditions at universities, NIH, and MAPS. Advancing research for women’s health, and more broadly amplifying women’s voices in the psychedelic field, is an important area in need of greater focus and resources to usher in a well-balanced and sustainable psychedelic ecosystem.

Our Values


People’s power, creativity, and efficiency come with their capacity to reach the state of flow. To nourish that state, we empower people to be true to their personality, values, and spirits.

“Esprit de Corps”

We encourage authenticity, and despite individuality, we stand together as one, work together as a team, and take pride in what we do together.


The more we learn the more we realize how little we know. We are learners; we don’t need to be right, we acquire the skills to get it right.

Critical Thinking

To get it right, we ask questions, challenge the status quo, and embrace change. We look at problems from multiple perspectives and employ the Socratic method.


We believe loyalty comes with trust, and with trust should come transparency in word and actions. We choose our coworkers, partners, and shareholders carefully and build long-term, meaningful relationships.


We dedicate our energy, drive, and passion to our mission and purpose while maintaining a spirit of playfulness. “Be as serious as you need, as long as it remains a game.” We live these values as individuals and as a company.

Eastra Health – What’s in a Name?

Eastra Health is named after the Germanic goddess of dawn and rejuvenation. As the Maiden Goddess of spring, she is full of potential, representing the opportunity of growth and rebirth after the darkness of the winter season. Eastra, the Goddess of Spring, empowers women of all ages to thrive and engage fully through the journey of life.