Eastra Health: Our Story

Aug 6, 2021

As a woman in her forties, Pamela Hadfield had a hunch in the summer of 2020 that psychedelics might offer new healthcare solutions for under-addressed health challenges women face, such as menopause.

She began research on the topic, conducting a global review of Fem Tech, psychedelics, and Telehealth. She spent many hours on zoom brainstorming her ideas with entrepreneurs, including one of the Founders of Teledoc.

Fast forward a year later, and Pamela was introduced to Jeremy Weate, former CEO of Universal Ibogaine, and Mitchell Osak, a veteran in the cannabis and psychedelics industry. The three quickly realized that they wished to become a team based on their shared values and intention.

Independently, they began working and swiftly decided on a shared vision to create the first female-focused psychedelic biotech company to address women’s under-addressed health challenges; from PMS to menopause.

Mitchell was excited by the idea as it tapped into an area he knew well – he’s married to a well-known Toronto-based gynecologist. Based on his connections to some of the brightest physicians in Canada, he leveraged his pharmaceutical industry experience and medical network to sanity check the idea and do more in-depth research and discovery.

Jeremy used his extensive industry expertise and scientific background to dig deep into the potential molecule candidates. From a medical and scientific perspective, he deduced that the team could offer new healthcare psychedelic-derived solutions for women and biological perspectives.

Over many months of tireless work, and market exploration, they gathered data and science to inform their decisions. A world-class team of advisors agreed to join Eastra Health because they believe in the vision and the ability to deliver.

Our mission: to help every woman through their life journey attain better health and wellbeing through disruptive medical solutions that enable healing, inspiration, and connection.

Within the new “psychedelic renaissance,” most industry start-ups have used molecules to search for a cure rather than being driven from the perspective of the target indication and the person.

Eastra Health begins drug development with women in mind and inside out thinking to push the boundaries of what’s possible in drug development, moving towards the era of personalized medicine.

Our work at Eastra Health is to empower women with agency and autonomy regarding the healthcare through the various stages of life.

Join us in our global movement to enhance women’s health.